• produce "Clean Energy" and earn Money with it ?

  • we have the Solution !


Ø 65 kW system (65 kW electricity / 130 kW heat) - newly developed for you!


For small to medium energy requirements

The newly developed 65 kW compact system is for example suitable for the energy needs of hotels with spa or breweries.

Through further development, this system can also use pellets!


Ø 133 kW plant (133 kW electricity / 250 kW heat) - our classic!


For big energy needs

The 133 KW system has proved very successful and is one of the "classics".

For example in sawmills, furniture factories and other wood processing companies, they benefit from the high heat production of our system to dry the natural wood.

Our plant can be expanded as required depending on the energy demand.



Possible construction methods of the plants:

For the 65 kW plant as well as the 133 kW plant

Container construction

In case that you have no hall or suitable building for the system, we also offer our system in a container. For this purpose, a large 40-foot container and a small 20-foot container will be delivered to you. In the large container we install everything from the downpipe to the safety filter, and the CHP is installed in the small container.

Therefore it is space saving and easy to transport!

  •   Individual construction (Plug & Play)

The system is planned, set up and ready to go on the basis of the available space.


For the 133 KW-plant in addition

  •   frame construction

Easy transport - easy and fast installation. The frame construction, like the container, makes it easier for us to bring a system to the customer. In this case, the 133 kW system is mounted on a base plate, which is then charged by us and transported to the customer. The system including the floor plate remains with the customer.

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