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The generation of electricity by using wood is based on a proven process that was rediscovered some years ago and developed by us with heart and commitment.

In times of nuclear power phase-out and energy transition, we need alternative, eco-friendly and affordable energy. The technique of wood power generation increases the energy value of wood many times over conventional combustion. Domestic, available and renewable raw material is decidedly increased in value.

The company Holzenergie Wegscheid GmbH, one of the leading companies in its industrial sector, outlines new ways of producing energy with the technology and quality of its wood-burning plants and meticulously implements customer satisfaction, astonishment among investors and stupefaction of ecologists.

Innovative quality ‘’made in Germany’’

Our wooden electricity generation facilities with combined heat power plant (CHP) are manufactured at our location in Germany and show a particularly

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high performance in operation due to excellent technology and maturity. As a result, they are powerful, low-maintenance and easy to use.


High-energy output/high availability

Our systems offer an excellent energy yield with an efficiency of 82%

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The energy value of the input generates 50% heat and 32% electrical energy.  With our advanced equipment technology, our customer achieve at least 8,000 operating hours per year, several times support with the feed-in invoices.


Continuous operation

The secure, robust assembly, innovative-patented filter system and the high-quality motor

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provide our customers with a high annual operating time in continuous working.


Environmental protection

Thanks to low-emission energy production, you operate an environmentally friendly system.

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The CO2 emission of our plants is climate-neutral, because it remains in the cycle of nature and is consumed by renewable wood. The exhaust gas of the cogeneration plant is clean. This exhaust gas flow through a catalyst, where the harmful substances are filtered.



For 10 years, the company Holzenergie Wegscheid GmbH has been successfully developing and building wooden electricity generation plants with combined heat and power plants.

At the same time, mechanical energy (electricity) and thermal energy (heat) are gained through CHP. Even cold production is possible for a wide variety of applications. The technology of our systems has been continuously developed since the beginning. So for example, we developed a special filter technology for the hot gas filtration in 2013 and patented it in 2015. Using this filter technology, the CO2 emissions of our plants are climate-neutral.

Since the foundation of the company in 2008, more than 120 wooden electricity generation plants have been designed, manufactured and successfully put into operation throughout Europe. These power plants reliably generate electricity and heat or cooling for our customers in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, Croatia, Slovenia and Latvia since commissioning in automatic continuous operation.

We build plants with 65 kW electrical and 130 kW thermal energy but also those with 133 kW electrical and 250 kW thermal energy in container, fixed on frame or individually according to space. Our systems can be expanded in any modular way and can therefore be used variably in a wide range of companies / sectors depending on energy requirements.

Currently, public institutions, small and large municipalities, manufacturing companies, wellness hotels and private investors are among our customers.

The best is to let us advice you individually on the desired system, size and design.

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