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(1)  The woodchips are transported after preparation by a screw conveyor into the downpipe. * (2) From there, a continuous feed of the gasifier with the fuel takes place, where the woodchips are burnt under excess air conditions. Once the operating temperature is reached, the wood gas escapes. (3) This is forwarded by means of the suction pressure of a combined heat and power plant (hereinafter referred to as CHP) via a double pipe. The double-walled piping cools the gas by air in the outer tube. The heated air is reverted to the preheating of the oxidation air in the gasifier. The wood gas is now cooled in several steps and cleaned to make it suitable for the engine. (4) After that, the gas enters the hot gas filter, where it is released from the flue ash with a total of 16 filter cartridges. The ash is discharged from the filter by the screw conveyor in the ash box and further transported into the ash cone (5). (6) In case of deficiency, the residual gas can be discharged through the torch line and burned in the process. Before that, it is cleaned by two cyclones. (7) After passing through the hot gas filter, the gas is then cooled in a controlled manner in the gas cooler. The double-tube heat exchanger extracts the heat from the gas in countercurrent operation and supplies it to the heating coil for further use. (8) Once the cleaned and cooled gas is ready, it passes through the safety filter. This is more for protection in case of accidents, so that we avoid the damaging of the engine. (9) The clean gas floats ashore an MTU gas engine and generates electricity. The resulting heat is also, as with the gas cooler, discharged from the process and fed to the heater.

It creates twice the power of heat.

* Depending on your needs, you can also receive the necessary equipment for the drying and screening process.

With the special filter-technology (4) developed by the company´s founder Walter Schätzl for hot gas filtration, the CO2 emissions from our plants are clean and climate-neutral


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